The Sun Loungers is Danielle Imara's first novel.


Three retirées have left Surrey to live their dream life-stlyle in Miami. They soak up the sunshine by day, and cocktails by night. It seems there is something missing though; the perfection of their daily routine leaves nothing to chance.

An unexpected event reveals the cracks in their existence, and unearths the past events that have led them to their hazy, unquestioning life in the sun.


The Sun Loungers is the story of their transformation.

The Sun Loungers

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A memoir: Imara is a London champagne hostess in a recession. Hard drugs and sexual desire lead to her romantic and professional involvement with a handsome petty criminal. A stint in jail only marginalises her further and she lives by night selling anonymous sex via an escort agency. A chillingly honest, elegantly told true story of a woman's gradual loss of identity.


CRACK is now available in print and on Kindle


This is a joint release with Yolande Brener's memoir of joining a cult:

Holy Candy