The Window Appearances, 2020, Video, 1 minute.


I combined The Window Appearances  to reference a  band: Danielle Imara and The Appearances, playing a gig. Their instruments are the incidental sounds of the clips, and they appear and disappear as their sound enters and leaves the soundscape. I call ths a lockdown gig.


£100 (1/5) Delivered by USB, DVD or WeTransfer




During lockdown I made reguar looped 'Window Appearances ' on Instagram, in a small way imitating the theatre we couldn't perform in or attend. It was fun surprising my audience with each appearance. I've looped these tiny clips to create 1 minute videos

1 minute videos  £75. Series of 3: £200. Series of 6: £400 (Each 1/5)


The Window Appearances, 2020, Video Series.