Je ne Reggae Rien

Cover version of Je ne Regrette Rien by Edith Piaf.

Bass guitar and vox by Danielle imara

Produced by Jemski Chan at DUBLab Studios

I Am So White performed under Imara's previous artist name Nina Silvert accompanied by legendary drummer

Dave Barbarossa at The Water Rats, London 2011

Previous discography includes the album Nina Silvert does Aiden Shaw, including Yeah Yeah Yeah and I like you, both written and co-produced by

Danielle Imara played and toured extensively with Aiden Shaw's Whatever, as bassist and backing vocalist. Here's a link to their 1998 album Whatever


Music & SoundArt


Veuve Desolée (2012) created for Phantasmagoria exhibit was played inside an industrial fridge . Features edits of my mother Nina reminiscing about her childhood in and Baghdad, and referencing the war there at time of composition.

'Even In My Dreams' featuring Yolande Brener reading from her memoir Holy Candy-Why I Joined a Cult and Married a Stranger

Depression: Composed from edits of Music by Neil Kaczor, Walter Fabeck, and David Brown, with edits of interviews of people sharing experience of depression. Vocal clips from Helena Waters.The first minute is Neil Kaczor's composition. Video by Soren James

Soundpiece created for video art by Soren James  (2011)

Grandchild by Danielle Imara. Produced by Jemski Chan at DUBLab Studios 2006 . Video by Soren James

A condensed intro to the many music and sound projects I've had the pleasure to create and be involved in.




On either side are two of my  more recent, song-based pieces.