Depression: Danielle combined and edited compositions by Neil Kaczor, Walter Fabeck, and David Brown, with clips from interviews of people sharing their experience of depression. Vocal clips from Helena Waters.

This is part of a work in progress dealing with mental health issues.

Video by Soren James

Two contrasting soundtracks were created for pieces of video art by 

Danielle Imara devised, created and performed in this piece for a Sound to Image project at Kingston University. She used recorded and sampled sounds of London Underground trains to create the beats and sound effects

Veuve Desolée  was created for  the Phantasmagoria exhibition in 2011. It was designed to be played inside a disused industrial fridge. It contains edited clips of an old cassette recording of Danielle's mother, reminiscing about her childhood and reciting Verlaine.

Soundscapes for Pre-Bard//Post-Shard at Somerset House. These were created for the Performance Cities project using era specific sounds, music and instrument samples.

And for the same project: a 10 minute musical mash-up of London through the ages.

'Even In My Dreams' featuring Yolande Brener reading from her memoir Holy Candy-Why I Joined a Cult and Married a Stranger