Previous work (created under the name Nina Silvert) includes Nina Silvert's Milk, performed at ACTART 2009)

Nina Silvert's Tube was created in 2011 for a sound design project. Danielle created all sound effects and beats from sampled recordings of the London Underground.

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The 2017 tour was funded by Arts Council England, with support from Greenwich Theatre, Canterbury Arts Council and Colchester Arts Centre. This exciting mixed-genre show intends to raise awareness, and promote inclusivity and a more compassionate environment.

Verbatim dialogue, dance and original songs and music in dub, soul and electro.

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Interrogating Constructed Realities

Collaborative live art works

(Deej Fabyc, Penny Best, Danielle Imara, Sarah Andrew)


Durational performance at Milton Keynes Museum 6/19

Performance at MK Gallery 4/7/19

Always There And Not

Celebrate slow travel. The journey seems endless but you get there in the end. The journey gives you time to be nowhere, to be somewhere in between. The journey gives you time.

Always There And Not



Always There and Not


Unexpected Item performed at CUNTemporary's Deep Trash 2019

Sounds recorded at supermarket checkout


Princess JUlia Loves at The Glory 2019

Durational work on plastic surgery:


Photo by Christa Holka

The works in Always There And Not use their original form of documentation (Instagram) as integral part of process and product. Originally created as Insta video uploads, their endless looping leads to unexpected choreographies built from repeated pedestrian movement. These are instances that might otherwise be overlooked, being accidental/incidental to a main event. Fascination with new meanings created from the repetition of minor events led to an exploraion of deliberately odd or unexpected actions to bring an element of surprise and humour to mundane environments.

I have reframed some of these events by looping the original clips as movie files, to liberate them from their original environment and give them agency.

With a nod to horror, comedy and the surreal, these works hurl the mundane into an impossible eternity.

The clips from London buses reference slow travel, a love of the quotidien and 'coming out' as someone who takes the bus a lot.

Soundtracks are incidental, creating minimal techno or jerkily repeating the automated voices on London Transport: out botting the bot.

Clips are filmed on an old iPhone, the substandard quality of footage seeming an apt recording of the quotidien presented realities, and creating emotional tone.

My choices of garish Insta filters with oversaturated tints are wishful thinking; black and white a nod to nostalgia and old movies.

See the originals and ongoing collection: