Previous work (created under the name Nina Silvert) includes Nina Silvert's Milk, performed at ACTART 2009)

Nina Silvert's Tube was created in 2011 for a sound design project. Danielle created all sound effects and beats from sampled recordings of the London Underground.

Get Therapy




Danielle's happily surviving on high-dosage anti-depressants when her doc says: "Agree to group therapy or I'm stopping the meds!"

FIlled with trepidation Danielle joins a group, where she meets relationship-troubled ex-addict Luke, feisty yet mother-dominated Amy, and Stephen, a therapy success story, yet socially inept, and of course the therapist who's not obliged to reveal any personal information.

Dramas unfold in emotional and often amusing ways . . .



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The 2017 tour was funded by Arts Council England, with support from Greenwich Theatre, Canterbury Arts Council and Colchester Arts Centre. This exciting mixed-genre show intends to raise awareness, and promote inclusivity and a more compassionate environment.

Verbatim dialogue, dance and original songs and music in dub, soul and electro.

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Following the success of the 2017 national tour, Get Therapy has been booked for a week's run at Greenwich Theatre, plus other tour dates, in Autumn 2018

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