Previous work (created under the name Nina Silvert) includes Nina Silvert's Milk, performed at ACTART 2009)

Nina Silvert's Tube was created in 2011 for a sound design project. Danielle created all sound effects and beats from sampled recordings of the London Underground.

Get Therapy  

National Tour 2017


Danielle's happily surviving on high-dosage anti-depressants when her doc says: "Agree to group therapy or I'm stopping the meds!"

FIlled with trepidation Danielle joins a group, where she meets relationship-troubled ex-addict Luke, feisty yet mother-dominated Amy, and Stephen, a therapy success story, yet socially inept, and of course the therapist who's not obliged to reveal any personal information.

Dramas unfold in emotional and often amusing ways . . .



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This tour is funded by Arts Council England, with support from Canterbury Arts Council and Colchester Arts Centre. This exciting mixed-genre show intends to raise awareness, and promote inclusivity and a more compassionate environment.

Verbatim dialogue, dance and original songs and music in dub, soul and electro.

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Nov 20th   The Bread and Roses Theatre, London

Nov 21st   The Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury (Matinée only)

Nov 22nd  The Latest Music Bar, Brighton

Nov 26th   The Stantonbury Theatre, Milton Keynes

Nov 27th   Greenwich Theatre Studio

Nov 29th   Colchester Arts Centre

Nov 30th   Seven Arts, Leeds

Dec 3rd     The Pleasance Theatre, London