Previous work (created under the name Nina Silvert) includes Nina Silvert's Milk, performed at ACTART 2009)

Nina Silvert's Tube was created in 2011 for a sound design project. Danielle created all sound effects and beats from sampled recordings of the London Underground.

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The 2017 tour was funded by Arts Council England, with support from Greenwich Theatre, Canterbury Arts Council and Colchester Arts Centre. This exciting mixed-genre show intends to raise awareness, and promote inclusivity and a more compassionate environment.

Verbatim dialogue, dance and original songs and music in dub, soul and electro.

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Interrogating Constructed Realities

Collaborative live art works

(Deej Fabyc, Penny Best, Danielle Imara, Sarah Andrew)


Durational performance at Milton Keynes Museum 6/19

Performance at MK Gallery 4/7/19


2018: Grace Grace Grace 'How Do I Look' Guest Projects residency around being an older woman. Photo by Manuel Vason.

I have done handstands in countless inappropriate places. Ask anyone. This one was on ice. It was precarious.

The red bass guitar: subversion of older woman archetypes

The stilettos: their disabling function subverted when you're upside-down

The crotch: no shame or hiding

The hand: Lady Helena Vortex supporting my (B)ass