Published: Live Art Club LDN (online) as a simultaneously activated series.


1 minute videos £50, or £200 for series of 5. Each (1/5) delivered via DVD, USB or WeTransfer



Nowhere To Run TwentyTwenty, 2020, Video, 2 minutes.

Aided by sinister domestic soundscapes, Nowhere To Run Twenty Twenty combines the above clips to evoke the frustration of being alone, or worse, trapped in an unhealthy or unsafe domestic situation during Covid-19 lockdown.

Published: DYSCORPIA 2.1 Animated Digital online.


£90  (1/5)  Delivered by USB, DVD or WeTransfer



March 2020

Lockdown is surreal

An urge to get away

Nowhere to run

Nowhere To Run, 2020, Video Series.

What initially seemed a fun and creative response to lockdown and pandemic while stuck at home,  gathered new meaning as it continued.

Each day, my purple legs found a new place to appear, disembodied and pointlessly running.

Whimsical and funny, but also evoking a powerlessness, and the trapped energy of enforced stasis.

I picure these exhibited as constantly playing loops.






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Art screensaver/wall-art

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