Invisible Enemy Twenty-Twenty, 2020, Video, 44 seconds

Dr Danielle fights 'the invisible enemy' during Covid-19 pandemic using a genuine Burmese sword with techniques based on the Royal Malay Silat sword form.

Published: GraceGraceGrace: Distance Works


£75 via DVD, USB or WeTransfer (1/5)



It's so  Obelisk! 2019, Video, 1 minute

In a London pub, I interact with a red obelisk in the women's room. Is the odd symbolism of this object in its location intended? I suspect not. But It's So Obelisk!


Past  Works as Nina Silvert


Nina Silvert's Tube, 2011, Video, 6:22 mins

All beats & sound effects sampled recordings of The London Underground

Filmed & edited : Mike Nicholls


Nina Silver't Milk,2009, Video, 10 minutes.

Performance at ActArt, London, 2009.

Music: Danielle Imara, Production: Jemski Chan

Filmed and edited: Edson Costa


Sprit of Tserof 1, 2020, Video , 56 seconds

I'm inspired by supernatural horror and mystery. Hallowe'en for me evokes a sense of the unseen.