Always There & Not, 2019, Video Series


The clips in Always There & Not originated as Instagram posts, whose  endless looping of incidental moments led to unexpected choreographies and soundscapes. I decided to liberate them from their source and create my own looped clips, devising odd or unexpected acts to bring an element of surprise and humour to mundane environments. With a nod to horror, comedy and the surreal, these works hurl the mundane into an impossible eternity. The clips from London buses reference slow travel, a love of the quotidien and 'coming out' as someone who takes the bus a lot! I love London transport; the colours and sounds, and the memories of a lifetime of taking the bus and tube. Clips are filmed on an old iPhone, the low-res quality an apt presentation of the ordinary. My choices of oversaturated tints are wishful thinking; black and white a nod to nostalgia and old movies.  When exhibited, these can be played as constant loops.


Individual 1 min videos £75. Series of 3 £200 (1/5) deliverd by USB, DVD or WeTransfer




The journey seems endless

but you get there in the end.


The journey gives you time


To be somewhere in between.

to be nowhere.


Audiobus, 2020, Video, 3 mins

Here I have selcted and combined the above clips based on their sounds, to create a visual soundscape, where the clips become an orchestra appearing and disappearing as they each add their own looped audio, to create a rhythmic urban music.







These are moments which would have passed unnoticed and unremembered, had I not selected and looped their representations, demonstrating the beauty and mystery of what happens in between main events.

I like to think of these pieces exhibited as constant loops,  like animated portraits.




Celebrate slow travel.