My video works owe much to the fact I have a music and live art background. I was bass guitarist in art bands such as Leigh Bowery’s Minty, The Off-Set and Aiden Shaw’s Whatever. Since then, I have composed and produced my own music and soundscapes, and the rhythmic techniques I use for video editing bear a direct relation to this.

I love to focus on moments in life that might go unnoticed, to pick them out and demonstrate their unique beauty and humour. Looping these moments creates unexpected choreographies and new meanings, which fascinate me.

I am also gripped on a daily basis by the ambient soundscapes that surround us all the time, particularly in urban and domestic environments, and these are another focus of my work.

My work in live art has naturally morphed into me playing a central role in my videos, in particular during 2020, when live performance has been on hold.

I perform in my own works because when inspiration strikes I am always there!

Danielle Imara

Photo by Soren James 2019

I accept commissions for bespoke video art. Challenge me!